AACC Spotlights Osceola Campus President for Increasing College Attendance Among At-Risk Students

The work of Dr. Kathleen Plinske, president of Valencia’s Osceola and Lake Nona campuses, was featured on June 10 in the American Association of Community College’s new “21st-Century Center,” a resource for community college leaders highlighting promising practices for student success and institutional reform at the nation’s community colleges. In an interview by Emily Rogan, Plinske talks about the grassroots effort to improve high school-to-college matriculation rates in Osceola County, including how the “Got College?” initiative came about, who’s involved and how the stakeholders are working together to make it effective.

You can read the full story here: http://www.aacc21stcenturycenter.org/article/got-college-boosting-higher-ed-attendance-rates/