Call for Student Selfie Videos

Excelencia in Education, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that advocates for Hispanics, recognized Valencia College’s DirectConnect to UCF program in 2012.  It was cited as one of America’s top programs for increasing academic opportunities for Latino students.

Now they want to hear from our Hispanic students directly. Excelencia in Education is asking for student-submitted videos on what DirectConnect to UCF means to you.

You can take the video using your phone (or video camera) and submit it for a chance to be featured in their D.C. event in November—and on their website. To submit your own video, simply answer the questions below on camera and send your video to or upload it to by Friday, Nov. 14.

Some suggested questions to ask and answer on camera are below. Please keep your video to fewer than 3-4 minutes.

1. What does it mean for me to graduate from Valencia be able to transfer to UCF guaranteed through DirectConnect?

2. DirectConnect to UCF has done so much for me. It has…

3. Did I ever think I could realize this dream?

4. What does this mean to my family?

5. How do I see my future after graduating? My dream is…

6. What do I want for all Latino young people like me?

7. How do I want to make a difference in the world?

Again, email your video to or upload it to