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Valencia Receives $100,000 Walmart Minority Student Success Award

Valencia Community College has been selected by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) to receive a Walmart Minority Student [...]

Philip Bishop

Philip Bishop: Adventures in the Human Spirit

"Goodnight, sweet friend, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." [...]

Disney to Share Customer Service Secrets with Health Care Professionals

Disney Institute is bringing its renowned professional development program, “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service for Healthcare Professionals,” to Valencia Community [...]

Take America To College

Two Valencia students were chosen from 200 contestants to appear in a video series called, “Take America to College.” Charnee [...]

Valencia Chorus Groups Seek New Singers for Summer

Valencia Community College’s chorus groups are looking for new members for the summer term. Opportunities are available to anyone with [...]

Valencia Spring Dance Concert

Valencia hosted its annual Spring Dance Concert March 26-27.   This year, the concert featured The Envelope by guest artist David Parsons, a [...]

Valencia to Host Forum on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics on April 9

Valencia Community College is hosting a forum titled “High-Tech Security in the Digital Age: A Forum on Cyber Security and [...]

Third Brazilian Film Festival to be Held at Valencia Community College March 25-April 1

The Third Valencia Brazilian Film Festival runs Thursday, March 25-Thursday, April 1 with screenings at three of the college’s campuses. [...]

Valencia & Rollins Dance Troupes to Present David Parsons’ “The Envelope”

Valencia Community College and Rollins College will feature the work of New York City dance company Parsons Dance at its [...]

Valencia Alumnus Commissioned for Portrait of Condoleezza Rice

In February, Kissimmee resident Colin Boyer, 19, an alumnus of Valencia and a junior at Ringling College of Art & [...]