New Media Communication A.S. Degree Coming to Valencia College

ORLANDO – Valencia College will launch a new Associate in Science degree in new media communication in the fall semester of 2018. Including a specialization in social media strategy, the curriculum will offer courses such as Writing for Social Media, Digital Storytelling and Data Literacy for Communicators, providing students with a solid foundation to excel in the rapidly-expanding media fields in Central Florida and beyond.

“Our media worlds are converging. Our marketing, advertising and news all come to us on our phones,” says Courtney Lewis, program chair and professor of speech and mass communication. “This degree will give students an in-demand, employable skill that is much different from what your standard communication or journalism degree could offer.”

Students will learn theory, technique and best practices applicable to a variety of publishing platforms and digital content management systems emerging in fields such as journalism, marketing and public relations. Courses will teach digital media creation, social media campaign execution and ethical and legal boundaries in the ever-changing media landscape.

“Jobs now exist that did not just five years ago,” says Rebecca Newman, professor of mass communication and journalism and co-faculty advisor of student news publication Valencia Voice. “Social media is vital to a business in its relationships with their customers.  Valencia College – through this new degree – will be able to prepare students for these new jobs and careers.”

Graduates will be employable in newly-established career roles such as blogger, social media coordinator, digital journalist, online newsroom manager, content developer or new media manager earning an estimated $30,000 – $35,000 in annual wages.

The program will be based at the college’s East Campus and will offer an 18-hour technical certificate in social media communication support.