Valencia College Foundation Announces New Chair and Board Officers for 2023-2024

Valencia College Foundation has named its new slate of board officers for 2023-2024. The Valencia College Foundation Board is made up of committed individuals who voluntarily contribute their time, talent and resources in support of the college’s mission.

“I am grateful to these amazing leaders for their continued commitment to philanthropy and their extraordinary dedication in supporting Valencia’s mission,” said Kathleen Plinske, president, Valencia College.

“We are pleased to have such dedicated professionals helping us secure and steward private and corporate funding in support of the educational needs of our students and the college,” said Jay Galbraith, vice president of Public Affairs and Advancement, Valencia College.

The new officers are:

Alan Byrd, Chair – Alan Byrd and Associates

David Berelsman, Secretary

Kari Conley, Advancement & Alumni Chair

Patricia J. Engfer, Audit Chair

Richard T. McCree Jr., Board Development Chair – McCree General Contractors and Architects Inc.

Jeff Mock, Treasurer and Finance Chair – Clancy & Theys Construction

Diane O’Dell, Past Chair – Universal Orlando

“I’m proof of the impact Valencia can have on individuals,” said Alan Byrd, president of Alan Byrd and Associates. “Where I am today began with the classes and programs I took as a student at Valencia. I’m honored and humbled to be asked to take on this role to help the Foundation ensure that everyone in Central Florida has the same opportunity I had.”

The Valencia College Foundation and its board advance the philanthropic initiatives that support the college’s Strategic Impact Plan goals and manage the alumni operations for the over 200,000 proud alumni of Valencia. While it has one of the largest endowments of community colleges in America, the Foundation is squarely focused on doubling down its efforts to engage the community in securing the resources necessary to support our students and the mission of the college.