Valencia College to Bring the Best of TED2018 to Winter Park Campus

Winter Park, FL – Can we create a digital avatar that looks, acts and talks just like our sweet grandma? What’s the future of work and what happens when robots can do most jobs? Will the future open vast new opportunities – or create nightmares for mankind?

Meet the engineers behind today’s futuristic technology; meet the architect who believes that a more urban America would be a happier and more prosperous America. Meet the scientists, doctors, engineers, social justice warriors, artists and inventors who are on the vanguard of change.

You may not be able to attend “Age of Amazement,” the huge, five-day TED2018 conference in Vancouver, Canada, so Valencia’s Winter Park Campus is bringing the TED talks and activities to you.

The public is invited to join the college faculty on April 20 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Valencia’s Winter Park Campus for a free TEDxValenciaCollegeLive event, where you’ll see TED talks from the Age of Amazement event, plus we’ll offer hands-on activities, including experiments in virtual reality, augmented reality, and green screens.

Food and drink will be provided.

This event is free. To learn more, you can go to the event page,

or you can register in in advance here:

Valencia’s Winter Park Campus is located at 850 W. Morse Boulevard, Winter Park.  For more information, please call 407-582-6800.