Valencia Grads Invited to Submit Videos for ‘Last Word’ Campaign

Valencia invites all students graduating in May to have the “Last Word” about their experience and education at Valencia College.

Not sure what to say? Answer one of the following questions:

Was there one professor who inspired you?
Is there anyone you’d want to thank?
Did the college help you discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before?
What part of your experience do you remember fondly?
What would you change?

TIPS for shooting the video:

  • Videos should be under a minute long and shot with a camera phone. (Hold the phone horizontally, please.)
  • Make sure you have adequate light (outdoors or a brightly lit room). 
  • If possible, upload the video to a computer and post it on social media over a Wifi connection. (If you post the video from your phone, your video will be compressed.) 

By posting your video with #valenciagrad to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, your message will join a tagboard where other Valencia grads are posting their videos and photos. Valencia news staff will edit together the best videos and share them across all campuses. Go to to view the tagboard.


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