Valencia Manufacturing and Career Training Programs Now Eligible for Veteran Education Benefits

Orlando, FL – Veterans who want to enroll in short-term career-training courses can now use their veteran education benefits at Valencia College’s Centers for Accelerated Training.

College officials announced courses offered by the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in Mechatronics, Computer Numerical Control (CNC machining), Electronic Board Assembly and Welding have been approved by the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs State Approving Agency and now qualify for veteran education benefits.

In addition, veterans and other eligible individuals can use their educational benefits to take the 9-1-1 operators course, also known as the public safety telecommunications course, which is offered at Valencia’s School of Public Safety in Orlando.

The college’s construction skills training program – as well as the new heavy equipment operator course, which teaches students how to operate earth-movers and other heavy equipment and learn about civil blueprint reading, soils, and paving – also qualify for veterans’ educational benefits.

The change means veterans and other eligible individuals can now utilize their educational benefits to cover the cost of tuition and books for these career-focused technical certification programs.

Eligible programs include:

  • Mechatronics: This program responds to a new and emerging career by offering students training with “multi-craft” skills to work on advanced systems and “intelligent” equipment in the manufacturing and industrial industries. The skills taught include electrical, mechanical, and computer technologies. Students in this program study to begin a career as an Industrial Maintenance Technician. Graduates have been hired by manufacturers, major grocery distribution centers and theme-park ride design firms.
  • CNC machining: Students in this program learn the coding and programing needed for a career as a CNC Operator. Hands-on training on state-of-the-art equipment in milling, turning and tooling, as well as blueprint reading, are highlights of this training program.  Graduates of this program have been hired by major manufacturing and machining companies throughout Central Florida.
  • Electronic board assembly: In this accelerated 9-week course, students will learn the foundational knowledge and skills to begin a career in Advanced Manufacturing. Through extensive hands-on training, students will learn to assemble circuit boards using key skills required in the manufacturing process. Graduates from this program are currently employed at Lockheed Martin, Mercury Marine, Tri-Tech Industries and Aircraft Engineering & Installation.
  • Welding: This program provides the training to begin a career in the welding industry. The program covers basic and advanced welding on the most current welding equipment utilizing the most current welding techniques and processes. Graduates are employed in construction, theme parks, boating and industrial settings.
  • Construction: Learn the basics of construction skills needed for entry-level positions in the construction industry. Graduates have been hired by leading construction companies throughout Central Florida.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator: In this intensive training program, students learn the skills required to operate heavy equipment, and also learn safety, civil blueprint reading, soils, and paving. Career opportunities are diverse and continue to grow throughout Central Florida.
  • 9-1-1: Public Safety Telecommunications: Students in this course are prepared for a career as an emergency dispatcher for police, fire, and ambulances. Training covers the basics of emergency and operational procedures, understanding command levels, functions and terminology, as well as standard telecommunication operating procedures.

The next Advanced Manufacturing programs in Mechatronics, CNC and Welding will begin on July 17, 2017.

For more information on Valencia’s short-term training programs and veterans benefits, please contact Mike Kepner at or call at 321-682-4466.