Valencia Presents “Errors of Comedy,” a One-Act Play Festival on April 22-23

Orlando, FL – Valencia College Theater will present “Errors of Comedy,” a one-act play festival, on April 22 and April 23 at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Orlando’s Loch Haven Park.

Now in its third year, the student-directed one-act play festival is a collaboration between Valencia College Theater and the Playwrights Round Table.

Take one crazy Valencia artistic director and professor, 15 equally crazy playwrights willing to write a 5-minute, one-act play around the theme “Errors of Comedy.” Now give 15 student directors these plays, add 31 student actors — plus one overwhelmed stage manager — and move them all to the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park and you have a fabulous 90-minute evening of unique and diverse one acts!

Admission is free. All proceeds will benefit the Paul Wegman Scholarship.

The event will be held at the Santos Dantin Studio Theater at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park. The Shakespeare Center is located at 812 E. Rollins Street, Orlando.

The festival will run for two nights only – Friday, April 22, and Saturday, April 23. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Please arrive early.

Below is a lineup of the one-act plays, the playwright, student directors and actors.

“IT’S ALWAYS A COMEDY” by W.L. Newkirk. Directed by Henri Johns and featuring actors Sebastian Rivera and Sydney Annas.

“TO KNOW OR NOT TO KNOW” by Rod McFadden. Directed by Alana Flores and featuring actors Jade Rivera and Stelson Telfort.

“DATED HUMOR” by Ken Preuss. Directed by Tim Belt and featuring actors Rob Davis and Amber Valois.

“A ROLE TO DIE FOR” by David Strauss. Directed by Bryant Vela and featuring actors Leyn Brielle Collands and Tasha Rentas.

“MODERN ART MODELING” by Rod McFadden. Directed by Isabel Hernandez and featuring Sarah Hart and Gabrielle Presto.

“MOON JUICE” by Grace Trotta. Directed by Ema Pava and featuring actors Rose Cambron, Jean Campos and Yomira Pou McDonald.

“MAYA LHAINI – PEE ON A STICK” by John DiDonna. Directed by Maya Lhaini and featuring actors Alyssa Dowling, Luis Landa and Anthony Mottola.

“HUMOR ME” by Tony Pelham. Directed by Tyler Roetzer and featuring actors Ema Pava and Courtney Yakabuski.

“LIGHTS OUT” by Barbara Solomon. Directed by Max Heetz and featuring Yves Esapa and Deanna Hawk.

“BELLA CELLUCI – LOTTO LUCK” by Rod McFadden. Directed by Bella Celluci and featuring actors Glo Gonzalez and Christian Bell.

“THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” by Albert Pergande. Directed by Grant Carter and featuring actors Brooke Dennis, Hannibal Callens and Toye Wright.

“RAINBOW BUNNIES IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” by Bennet Preuss. Directed by John Alfano and featuring actors Corey Hicks and Celestino DeCico.

“HELLO (or Dude, You’re Getting Adele!)” by Tracey Jane Smith. Directed by Rebecca Kalant and featuring actors Hans Heilman and Lyanna Martinez.

“MAKE ME LAUGH OR DIE” by W. L. Newkirk. Directed by Joraib Lescaille and featuring actors Emely Pereira and Kyle Wait.

“THE FATHER” by Rod McFadden. Directed by Lydia Milich and featuring actors Logan Hajdukiewicz and Celestino DeCico.