Watch: A Look into Valencia’s New Film and Sound Building

Orlando, FL – Valencia’s $13.5 million Film Production and Sound Technology Building opened for classes on Aug. 28. The 30,705-square-foot building becomes the new home of Valencia’s growing film production, sound technology and digital media programs. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, the facilities include two professional recording studios, a 125-seat screening theater, a 2,500 square-foot sound stage and an immersive dub and foley room complete with playback screen.

At the film level, all sound equipment has been Dolby-Atmos® certified, a rare feature for educational institutions. The Dolby-certified mixing room allows the students to “shoot movies, mix music and soundtracks all in one place,” says film program chair Eric Fleming.

The Dolby-Atmos screening theater, capable of producing 128 sounds simultaneously, replicates a premium cinema experience as students can preview work and show off finished projects.

The audio recording studios will give students professional experience in fields that can lead to “high-demand, high-wage jobs,” says sound production program chair Raul Valery. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in fields of sound design, audio engineering and post-production mixing.

Students served by the new Film Production and Sound Technology building will pay $103.06/credit hour, providing an affordable option that meets quality standards and answers the arts and entertainment industry’s call for more skilled labor.

East Campus president Stacey Johnson says the new building will increase access to the arts and open the door for enhanced quality of life. “A recent study by Americans for the Arts reports that while 87 percent of Americans believe that the arts are important for a better quality of life, only 45% of Americans stated that all Americans have equal opportunity to the arts,” says Johnson. “The new film and sound technology building will enable us to serve more students and deepen the quality of the work that we do as an important partner for arts and entertainment in Orlando.”